Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Sew It – Show It Challenge: When Pigs Fly


It's time for another fun challenge, this time hosted by
Joan of MooseStash Quilting.

Here's the list of today's participants:


You're never too old to learn something new. I had no idea that "PIGs" stood for "Projects in Grocery Sacks!" This challenge is all about completing unfinished projects, whether they be PIGs or UFOs (Unfinished Objects) or WIPs (Works in Progress).

Over the course of 2022, I created felt food using patterns from the site Lila Griffith. I made fruit for the Here Comes the Sun Blog Hop, and vegetables for the Foodie Blog Hopand it was a lot of fun. 

This year, they posted a pattern for Felt Cheese and Crackers. I though it was charming, and started making it, but only got as far as making a few of one of the crackers:

So I figured this challenge was the perfect time to complete it. I ended up only making some of the items from their pattern, and added some other things into it. Here's the final collection, displayed on a wooden tray:

I really love how it turned out!
Here's another image, this time with numbers on each component. And below, I'll describe each one and link to the appropriate pattern.

3. Saltine Crackers (I made mine with smooth sides.)
5. Cheddar Cheese Slices (Two 1.25 inch x 2.5 inch rectangles blanket stitched together with matching embroidery floss).
6. Swiss Cheese Slices (I blanket stitched two of each slice together with matching embroidery floss. Note that the tray I used has a printed bottom and that's what you see showing through the holes in the cheese!)
8. Olives (Two ovals blanket stitched together with matching embroidery floss, and stuffed).


Oh, and before I realized what PIG really meant, I made an actual pig!

I used this pattern, but enlarged it to 150%.


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