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Fabulous Freebies Blog Hop!

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Monday August 20

I've seen a lot of you mention (in other blog hops) that you haven't tried wool/wool felt applique but would like to. So, I decided to design a super-easy project that would be great for beginners. As I tell you about it, I'll also give you links to some other Fabulous and resources that will help you become an expert!

I'm calling the project "Easy-Peasy Pumpkin Mug Rug," and I swear, it really is easy! It uses only three colors of wool felt and embroidery floss, and some basic embroidery stitches.

There's a little back stitching on the leaf, and pumpkin for detail:

And blanket stitching around the stem and pumpkin:

My pattern gives you some simple diagrams on how to do the stitches, but you might want to check out DMC's embroidery stitch guide for more details and tips:

And here's another great resource for embroidery stitches:

mostcraft must know hand embroidery stitches

I also give you instructions on how to prepare wool felt before using, but here's a good link to some more info:

(They also explain the difference between Wool Felt and Felted Wool. You can use either for most applique projects, including this one.)

And here are two good sources for wool felt:

(You can get matching DMC embroidery floss from Prairie Point Junction too.)

I hope you give this Fabulous Freebie design a try! Download the pattern here.

Also, check out my large list of Fabulous Freebies on the left side of this blog. There are many simple projects there for you to try as well!

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