Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Music Blog Hop


It’s time for another fun blog hop, this time hosted by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks. Here’s the list of the final day's participants:

Thursday, November 17th


The theme for this hop is obviously music. Rather than depicting music itself via notes, etc. I decided to represent a specific piece of music. I quickly settled on the classical piece by Vivaldi titled “The Four Seasons.” It’s a beautiful group of four violin concertos that were composed around 1718−1720 by the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. There are many renditions of it on You Tube for you to listen to at your leisure. A selection from the “Spring” concerto was played as part of my wedding ceremony, so it holds a special meaning for me.

Once I had decided on the musical piece, I had to figure out how to represent the four seasons in fabric. I recently bought a bench for the front foyer of my house and thought it needed a pillow to dress it up.

So then I thought I’d be a good idea to make one pillow and then make four interchangeable sleeves/wraps to go around it, one for each of the four seasons of the year. 

Rather than finding a fabric for the pillow itself that would work for all the seasons, (which might have been tricky,) I decided to make a two-sided pillow with fabrics that would complement two seasons each. Here’s the 14” x 25” pillow, made from orange and blue ginghams:

The pillow wraps are fastened around the pillow with sew-in Velcro.

Each 14” x 33” wrap is made from Wool Felt and stitched with embroidery floss.

Here's Spring:

And Summer:


and Winter:


I had a lot of fun creating the pillow wraps, and if you’d like to do the same, the FREE pattern can be found here.


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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Scrap Happy

A pillow for my bed that I designed and stitched using National Nonwovens WoolFelt from my stash: