Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Cool to be Square Blog Hop

A big thanks to Carol of Just Let Me Quilt for bringing us this hop. It's so great to have something fun to focus on!

Here's the list of today's participants:

I've had an idea for a project in my head for a while, but hadn't acted on it until I saw the theme for this hop. The idea involved citrus wedges. So naturally I thought it would work for this hop; squares, wedges, it's obvious right lol? Bear with me!

If the wedges are of the right size, and are arranged in the right way, they actually form squares. So, here's my project; a wool felt penny rug/table mat that I'm calling "Citrus Splash."

It incorporates wedges of oranges, lemons, and limes, and is sewn up in fruity colors. See all the squares?
Well in any case, the outside edge is a square, and the center is a square lol. 

The table mat measures 16" when finished, and the pattern to make it is my gift to you all. I hope you will give it a try and bring some citrus sunshine into your home while you're staying safe. We can all use some of that right now!


I will happily reply to all your comments via email, unless you are a No Reply Blogger.

Stay safe, and be sure to visit everyone else participating in this hop!