Monday, April 20, 2015

Have a Latte Blog Hop

I'm happy to be participating in another fun hop! A big thanks to

And used this Mode Bakeshop tutorial to create a set of four placemats. 
The tutorial is for a play mat, not placemats, so I adjusted it for my own purposes. I started with 1.5 yards of each fabric, and cut six 8" circles from both for each of four mats...a total of 24 circles from each fabric. Cutting the circles was the most time-consuming part! I folded the fabric and traced a circle template I had made from cardstock. This way, I could cut several circles at the same time. It was a fairly easy project, and the method of assembly is pretty forgiving, which is great if you have trouble being too precise in your sewing...which I do!

Each placemat measures approximately 12" x 18", is double-sided, and contains cotton batting. Here's the front:
The assembly method also serves as the quilting which means fewer steps to the end product. You can see the quilting on the back:
I had a bit of trouble where some of the sections meet, but it doesn't look too bad!

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