Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wicked Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop

I'm so happy to be participating in another blog hop after the summer off, and not joining the last two! A big thanks to

And here are the projects I made:

My first, and major project, is a 24" square wall hanging. I wanted to do something with owls, and this is what I came up with!

The 15" center square is the Black Spider Webs fabric with WoolFelt appliques. I used buttons for the eyes and embellished the owls with some embroidery. Most of the applique, as well as the owl embroidery, was done with Valdani Perle Cotton Size 12 Variegated Faded Brown. I backed the square with fusible fleece before appliqueing; the square holds its shape and the applique process is much easier. I then added wide border with the Orange Dots fabric (again with fusible fleece as the batting), and then backed and bound it the black spiderweb fabric again. I did a very simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. Finally, I embroidered a spider web in the upper right corner with a running stitch and black floss.

If you have any interest in using the owl applique for your own project, here's the link. This is for the applique shapes only; there are no instructions or materials list included.

I had a small amount of fabric left over so I made two other projects: A folded hexagon candle mat and a small pumpkin. The candle mat has layered folded hexagons, which were made from 7" and 3" circles. I used this Riley Blake tutorial to make the hexagons, (scroll down on the page to the second tutorial). To attach the smaller hexagons onto the larger ones I used large stitches of black floss. Then I added black buttons in the centers. Finally, I whip-stitched the hexis together on the back. The mat measures approx. 10" at its widest point.

For the 5" pumpkin, I cut six of these sections from the Orange Dots fabric. I sewed the sections together with 1/4" seams, leaving an opening at the top. Then I turned the pumpkin right-side out and stuffed it with poly-fill. I rolled up a rectangle of black WoolFelt, stitched it closed with black floss, and then inserted it into the pumpkin for the stem. It is inserted through a star-shaped "top" which I also attached with black floss. Finally, I cut a leaf from the black WoolFelt and stitched it on as well. (It's probably difficult to see the leaf and the star top in the photo, sorry about that!)

So those are my projects...and I had a wicked good time making them!

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Wednesday, October 29
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Black Cat Crossing Hop

This fun hop is underway, and my day to participate is next Wed. 10/29. So come back and see what I've been working on!