Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Sew It -- Show It Challenge: It's A Dog's Life


After taking the Summer off, I'm happy to be back participating in another fun challenge! This time we're hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.

Here's the list of today's participants:


I've been fortunate to be a Dog Mom twice in my life so far. Our first dog was an adorable terrier mix rescue named Abby.

Our second dog was a beautiful, sweet Black Lab named Raven. She was a guide-dog school (NEADS) flunkout that we adopted, which was the best thing that happened to her and us! We like to say that she realized she wanted people to assist her, not the other way around!

We miss both of them every day. 

I thought this challenge would be a great opportunity to create a piece that celebrated Raven. According to the AKC there are three colors of Labrador Retrievers: Black, Chocolate, and Yellow. There are some variations on these colors, but these are the main ones. My project features the Black Lab, since it is a salute to Raven, but also includes the other two.

I'm calling it "Loveable Labs," and it's a wool felt wall hanging that measures 23" square.

The lab applique squares are joined together with dog biscuits, and the center square shows how I feel about this loveable breed!


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