Monday, March 22, 2021

Salt and Sand Blog Hop--My Day

It's time for another fun blog hop, brought to us by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. Here's the list of today's participants:

March 22

I've created two pieces for this hop. I had already started working on an idea for the first project before the hop was announced. Turned out, it fit the theme "Salt and Sand" perfectly so I moved ahead with it. It's a wall hanging that I'm calling "Those Pesky Gulls." While gulls definitely indicate being near the ocean, they really can be quite pesky!

Anyway, here's my project. It measures approximately 21" tall and 17" wide. (It is photographed on top of a green background, which is not part of the piece.)

I hand pieced and appliqued everything, I then did big stitch quilting with embroidery floss, and finally, I hand-bound the piece. It came out pretty much as I had envisioned!

If you'd like to make it yourself, here's a link to the FREE pattern.


My second project is another wall hanging that I'm calling "Folk Art Fish." I'm trying to use up some the enormous stash of wool felt I have on hand from previous projects, and I came up with this idea to do just that. The fish blocks measure 6" x 12" and they're attached to 2" pennies (circles) with 1" inner pennies. The fish are appliqued onto the blocks with embroidery floss and a blanket stitch. The 1" pennies are appliqued onto the 2" pennies in the same manner. Then the blocks and pennies are backed with other pieces of wool felt and blanket stitched together. Finally the blocks and pennies are whip stitched to each other to create the finished 22" x 40" piece.

I probably could have added even more columns and rows, but I wanted to finish it for this hop so I stopped. It's actually the perfect size for the wall I hung it on.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my projects. I love reading your comments and will respond via email unless you are a No-Reply Blogger.

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