Tuesday, August 23, 2022

See Ya Later Alligator Blog Hop


I'm so happy to be participating in another fun blog hop, this time brought to us by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks.

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Wednesday, August 24th


Our theme for this hop is travel, and I decided to make a couple of useful travel items. I recently found a box of hardly-used cotton tablecloths in my basement. I thought I could upcycle one of them for my travel projects.

My husband and I don't travel much, and when we do it's only for a weekend road trip. He does most of the driving because his car is too big for me to drive (I can't see over the hood lol), and my small car is too uncomfortable for him to sit in for too long! So while I'm sitting in the passenger seat, it's nice to have a pillow to rest my neck and head on. My first project is a travel pillow:

I found the pattern for the travel pillow on Pinterest, and you can find it here. 

The other item I thought would be very useful is a shoe bag. Usually, I have to take a separate tote bag and put my shoes in it so they won't get my clothes dirty. But a shoe bag make so much more sense!

This shoe bag is lined; I used a green plaid for the lining.

The pattern I used is for a drawstring storage bag. You start off with two rectangles of fabric; one outer and one inner. The bottom may be boxed or not, I opted to not box it. The tutorial is in video format, and can be found here on YouTube. I'm planning on making a few more shoe bags, because of course, I'll have more than one pair of shoes when I go on a trip!


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