Thursday, December 20, 2018

News about my Craftsy pattern store

As of 12/28/18 my Craftsy pattern store will be closed. This is not my decision, but one that Craftsy has made. They apparently are closing many stores, and selectively keeping a few open. I have no clue what criteria they used to reach this decision.

My patterns will continue to be available in my shop on


  1. In the long run, I'm thinking you will be the fortunate one. What they have done is possibly legal, but it's morally wrong. There was, and still is, no explanation for why or how their decisions are made. They don't have to give that, but they've lost a lot of the good will they bought by this secretive and arbitrary behavior. I no longer have a customer account with them, as of the day after they announced to designers (never having bothered with the people who supply the money - the customers!) what they were doing. I'm sorry you were caught up in it, but I really do think you are one of the lucky ones not to be with them any longer. Please share where you put your patterns next.

    1. Thanks so much Susan. I agree with your thoughts about them losing good will. I know I won't be taking any classes or buying anything from them again. My patterns are all still available on Etsy; the link to my shop is on the left side of the blog and in my original post above.