Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mini Quilt Wall

I've participated in a few blog hops lately where I made mini quilts. I intended to put them all up on a wall in my sewing/craft room, and I've finally done just that. There's still room for a few more small projects, whenever I make them, and I've also included a couple of older pieces that I like. Plus, I hung a couple of my dishtowels, (available in my Spoonflower fabric shop) on a bulletin board that was already on the wall.

My work table (which my wonderful hubby made for me) is never this clean, but I had to clear it off to move the table away from the wall and hang things up. It'll be a mess again in no time I'm sure!'s my wall:


  1. Very nice! It's fun to display them. I've started putting mini quilts up on my walls too!

  2. Thanks! It's very cheering to look at them when I go in there. I'm sure yours do the same for you!

  3. It looks great! I have some at the top of my stairs up from the foyer. I just love quilts, any size. What a great work table and clever husband.

    1. Thanks Susan! I definitely lucked out in the husband department!